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2021-03-24 14:04 admin

Product specifications in this Catalog are as of May 2019. They are subject to change without advance notice. Please check with our sales representatives or product engineers before ordering.

All information and data presented in this Catalog are for information only. Please contact us for detail product specification. You are requested to approve our product specification for product specification before your ordering.

This catalog contains the typical product due to the limitation of space. Please contact our sales representatives or product engineers when you didn’t find the suitable product in this catalogue.

All products listed in this catalog are developed, designed and intended for use in general electronics equipment. The products are not designed or warranted to meet the requirements of the applications listed below, whose performance and/or quality require especially high reliability, or whose failure, malfunction or trouble might directly cause damage to society, person, or property. Please understand that we are not responsible for any damage or liability caused by use of the products in any of the applications below. Please contact us for more details if you intend to use our products in the following applications.

1.Aircraft equipment   2.Aerospace equipment   3.Undersea equipment   4.nuclear control equipment   5.military equipment   6.Power plant equipment   7.Medical equipment   8.Transportation equipment (automobiles, trains, ships,etc.)   9.Traffic signal equipment   10.Disaster prevention / crime prevention equipment   11.Data-processing equipment   12.Applications of similar complexity or with reliability requirements comparable to the applications listed in the above  

Updated information on our products is also available through the internet home page at the following address: